Our Story

The Bronzer comes to you with love from 30 years in Australia’s skincare and cosmetics industry.

Sold worldwide, our salon-quality products are proudly Australian made and owned, and are packed with the best, natural ingredients cosmetic chemists can conjure. The Bronzer is the brand that helped pioneer the industry—whether that be for a quick, one-night tan, a trusted week-long colour or a special moisturising lotion that gradually tans you with an even, naturally golden sheen, also hydrating and nourishing your skin. This allows you to stay bronzed for longer.

The Bronzer Instant Tan (available in Matte or Shimmer) is still to this day our best-selling product. It is 100% paraben and fragrance-free, and is enriched with the natural goodness of aloe vera, so even the most sensitive skin can be instantly tanned without any complications.

After the success of our Instant Tan, a new formula for The Bronzer Self Tan was developed. The creamy, moisturising qualities it possesses with raw materials like shea butter, coconut oil, vitamins A and E, and green tea extract included, make it last up to a week.

When The Bronzer Gradual Tan was released with our updated packaging it took off around the globe. Quantity-wise, it’s one of the biggest in the country (250ml) and it has been enriched with the goodness of fresh, permeate-free, Australian goat’s milk, procured locally from a farm in Gippsland, Victoria. Goat’s milk is a trusted material that has been utilised in healthy, natural skincare formulae for centuries, allowing it to be kind to those with sensitive skin.